Spain deemed ‘uncool’ by young travellers

 For the last 40 years Spain has been the holiday destination for us Brits, but now young British travellers see the country as ‘uncool’.


A new report has revealed that under-30s don’t want to spend their time abroad in the Spanish Costas, following in their parents’ footsteps.


Spain has been likened to iconic brand Microsoft, which is seeing competition from Apple. The Spanish Tourist Office believes that up and coming resorts in Europe are challenging the once-popular destination.


Enrique Ruiz de Lera the new director of the Spanish Tourist Office in the UK said: “The younger generation of travellers is just as likely to holiday in Turkey and Croatia as in Spain”.


He admitted that Spain faced significant challenges, and was seeking to learn solutions from major consumer brand experiences.


“These destinations are competing hard. They have excellent products and they have learnt from our mistakes. We need to refresh our brand”.


Mr Ruiz de Lera admitted to trade magazine Travel Weekly that young people see Spain as ‘uncool’, in the same way that under-30s don’t want to buy Levi jeans because their parents wear them.


Spain is planning to work with music channel MTV to supply branded content as part of a drive to encourage younger travellers to visit its shores.


The Tourist Office also want to encourage visitors to see different parts of Spain during their beach break.


Mr Ruiz de Lera added “A visitor to the Costa del Sol can add on a few days in Malaga, for example”.


Article by Charlotte Greenhalgh