Serious Siesta at Caribbean Sleep School

When tourists holiday abroad, it’s usually to take time to relax; bathing under the searing glow of the sun, reclining back on cushioned sun loungers, lazily floating through inky blue waves and slowly licking the head off a dripping 99.

However, the Lasource Grenada resort in the Caribbean has just inaugurated the first overseas ‘Sleep School’, working in conjunction with leading UK insomnia specialist Dr. Guy Meadows. Renowned for being classed as the ‘ultimate head-rest’, Lasource Grenada boasts extraordinary natural beauty with three sides of the resort surrounded by the sea with the luxury guesthouses rooted in the heart of the breath-taking tropical gardens.
Secluded on the famous Pink Gin beach, the resort promises the definitive relaxation and rejuvenating programme, lacing your body and mind back in sync. For the exhausted stress-heads and drained insomniacs, LaSource is a holiday of putting you back together again at your own pace and pleasure.
Dr Meadows, founder of The Sleep School, says: “Insomniacs need to re-learn how to sleep again. Learning is most effective when delivered in a fun, relaxed and informative manner.” Guests of the hotel can attend two completely free workshops scheduled for this December and June 2012 during their stay. The Caribbean heaven is a platinum paradise for those who cannot seem to ever get any shut eye, extracting insomniacs from their textured lives and demanding responsibilities allowing them to just melt into a peaceful nest of splendour.
The all-inclusive resort offers seven lavish nights, including flights with Virgin Atlantic from Gatwick Airport from £1,589 each. The heavyweight price tag is hypothesised not be a deterrent of great depths, as sleep is one of lives free luxuries that everyone should be capable of enjoying. The Sleep School is running from November 29th till December 6th, idyllic for those who need a long-overdue break before the Christmas strains and pressures kick in. A second shorter term at Sleep School is available next year from June 3rd just until June 9th.

The prospect of going back to school has never looked so attractive to so many people around the UK, desperate to fix their body clock and train themselves to drift off into the land of nod on a nightly basis.
Perhaps at the end of their five star stay, these holiday makers may learn the art of tripling the recommended 40 winks a night.

Article by Emma Boyle