Welcome to Guatemala: heart of the Maya world and one of the nine hottest travel destinations for 2012

Kim´Arrin Travel, a Guatemalan “small tourism business” founded 40 years ago this coming June, invites you to visit their country and learn firsthand how their ancestors viewed the cosmos and why the year 2012 has become so important worldwide. Allow Guatemala to first share with you its vision, especially appropriate within the context of the year 2012.

This “vision” was never better expressed than when written by the late collaborator, “Rafa” Ralda. Today, as a tribute to his memory, it is transcribed as follows:

“Our vision is one of bringing together God´s greatest creation – mankind! Ours is a mission of building bridges, but unlike the magnificent structures linking land masses between great bodies of water or reaching across crevices in the Earth´s surface.

“We, at Kim´ Arrin, seek to cultivate interest and understanding among the world´s population, in each other, and specifically in the unique and mystical culture that has evolved over the centuries here, in our Guatemala, and the rest of the Maya world and Mesoamerican Corridor.

“In addition to the geophysical wonders this incredible corner of the world has to offer in the form of its wild life, enriched rainforest, spectacular volcanic sceneries, enchanting shorelines, and oceanic adventures along both the Western Caribbean and Pacific Coasts and much, much more, we propose to help let the world get to know our culture, one that has developed initially from the ancient Maya civilization and has been enhanced with the flavor of various immigrant influences.

“We believe that bringing together the world´s varied cultures and concentrating our focus on the positive sides we all have within us, we will all reach a place of better understanding, inter-cooperation, and an all-important peace among all our neighbors, as it has been accomplished in other arenas such as competitive international sports.

“It is our desire to overcome geographical or political borders, working in combined efforts and accomplishments in the areas of environmental conservation, educational needs, community projects, and many other endeavors of mutual interest for the enhancement of our human condition.”

As inbound operators, as of this year, Kim´Arrin Travel is adopting a new way of doing business with the sole intention of having our local communities receive the most benefit directly from you. Have a wonderful and peaceful Year 2012, and may you decide to join us in our efforts to bring mankind together in peace and harmony!