You say what you pay at 5 Star B&B

A five star bed and breakfast in Brockenhurst is offering its guests an unusual way of settling their bill. Echoing the vastly popular Channel 4 programme ‘Four in a Bed’, the Hampshire guesthouse allows their lodgers to only pay what they feel is a fair figure for their room. The decided sum is a reflection on the standard of the rooms, quality customer experience and the overall stay at this establishment.

So if your pillow is a little on the lumpy side, or the shower is still luke-warm after fiddling with the knobs for a few minutes, feel free to knock off a couple of quid. The hotel named the ‘Cottage Lodge’ is presenting this profit pending deal every night of the month, with the exception of Friday and Saturday nights.

The bed and breakfast’s safety net however, seems to be the fixed rate of £9 for breakfast, which stands whether the offer is on or not. The confident and plucky owner Christina Simons was quoted: ‘We are placing our trust in the consumer to give us the ultimate feedback. If you are a fan of the TV programme ‘Four in a Bed’ then this is the perfect opportunity to have a go at staying overnight and pay what you think the room is worth’.

The Cottage Lodge is certain they can deliver all guests a flawless and faultless stay which is arguably an attractive offer for those who felt a night in Premier Inn didn’t quite stack up. So, for a sparkling bathroom, pristine bedding, modern décor and top notch service, why not visit this quirky bed and breakfast where you can pick the price.

Article by Emma Boyle