The Winged Hotel

Isn’t it annoying when you have to trudge through first class, bypassing those smug passengers adjusting the settings on their fold out squashy beds, lazily flicking through the channels on their personal flat screen TV’s and leisurely reading through the menu to decide exactly which exotic tropically inspired dish they would like during their flight. Whilst sipping on an elegant flute of champagne. Then you reach your own designated seat at the rear of the aircraft; home of howling babies, restricted leg room and a simple choice of fish or chicken.

However, thanks to the one of a kind hostel in Stockholm, everyone can enjoy the first class experience at a fraction of the price. A disused 747 jumbo jet has been converted into the world’s first hotel, which remains stationary on an abandoned runway. Gone are the days where a donut pillow is a necessity to get any kind of shut eye on-board an aircraft, as the hostel titled ‘Jumbo Stay’ promises the best night sleep you will ever get on a plane, as turbulence is no longer an issue.

The transformed aircraft is home to several en-suite rooms, a 24 hour café, Wi-Fi access, numerous flat screen televisions with more expansion to come. The owner and creator of this ingenious idea is Oscar Dios, who intends to take full advantage of all available space. The cock-pit is a double bedroom and the wings are scheduled to be converted into a relaxation deck with a glass shelter for guests to stroll along and unwind. The twin engines too, are to be adapted into capsule double bedrooms, aptly to be titled ‘the engine rooms’.

In terms of décor, ‘Jumbo Stay’ does not leave much to the imagination. Exit signs, passenger notices, hygiene rules and safety posters still adorn the walls of the aircraft to emphasise the hostel’s unique theme. The cock-pit is the most popular room to reserve as the pilots original controls (deactivated obviously) remain; a dream come true for any fan of ‘Thunderbirds’.

Proud inventor Oscar Dios was quoted: ‘I saw this plane and I instantly knew it would be perfect for a hotel. It had been in service for Pan Am, Singapore Airlines and many others. I knew I could give it a new lease of life’.
Two nights at the Jumbo Stay hostel cost £189 per person, a reasonable price for such a very distinctive experience. As this new idea is only just taking off, it looks the mile high club may be gaining quite a few extra members now thanks to Jumbo Stay…

Article by Emma Boyle