Financial climate forces hotel rates down in UK

A global report has revealed that hotel prices in the UK are stagnating.

The research suggests that the cost of a nights stay in a major city hotel can show the country’s economic health.

Growing economies such as Brazil, Russia, India and China have seen prices increase, whereas the UK has seen hotel room prices drop by one per cent.

The capital city is the only place to see  rise in hotel prices, London has seen a rise of one per cent.

London is the only city in Britain to report a rise in hotel prices – a negligible one per cent – set against increases in 69 out of the 88 worldwide locations checked as part of the research.

In a recent survey of hotel rates, by, prices varied across Europe. The effects of the Greek economic crisis are evident in hotel prices dropping by around 10 per cent.

In contrast the euro is doing relatively well, popular city-break locations such as Barcelona and Amsterdam have seen rises of 8 and 9 percent.

Thanks to a visit from the US president and the Queen, Dublin have seen a rise in prices.

The Baltic states have also seen a rise with hotels in Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia seeing prices increase.

However the protests seen prices across the Middle East and Africa have seen prices drop.

Australia’s strong economy have seen significant rises, Brisbane saw an increase of 26 per cent in rates, whilst New Zealand’s Christchurch saw the largest increase of 41 per cent in rates.

David Roche, the president of, explained:

‘Price volatility in 2011 meant UK travellers found it more expensive to stay in the majority of their favourite destinations abroad,’ he says.

‘A variety of factors, including currency movements and a growth in corporate travel, pushed up prices at a time when many consumers were already struggling to pay their bills at home.’