British travellers increasingly late making travel plans

A UK-based online travel company,, has reported in a survey that UK travellers are increasingly moving towards last minute travel deals.

The online survey results report that while 83 percent of UK travellers decide on their vacations up to a year ahead, some are increasingly leaving part of the booking until the final month. Last minute vacationers are often able to benefit from a sizable discount on their travel bookings and hotel accommodation. Around 25 percent of those surveyed have admitted to booking at least a part of their holiday, including hotels or flights, less than a month before their travel.

Mark Maddock, the managing director for UK and Ireland, said, ‘At we have seen people become more impulsive as they are likely to take up fun activities and make new plans nearer the time. It seems at once a product of the fast-paced nature of our lives but also the fact that we are much more socially mobile. There are also some fantastic deals to be had by holding off on plans, from theatre seats to city breaks and restaurant bookings, which means that those of us who wait to make decisions at the last minute don’t have to be penalised financially.’

While most people have stated a preference for booking travel early to avoid having to change their plans due to the unavailability of accommodation or travel seating, around one in every five surveyed by the company said that booking a vacation at the last minute actually increases the enjoyment of their holiday.