MATERNA Offers New Generation of Automated Baggage Handling at Airports

MATERNA, a Germany-based information technology company, has launched its new Automated Baggage Handling technology at the Passenger Terminal Expo, currently being held in Vienna, Austria.

The new baggage drop-off technology is claimed to offer optimised bag drop procedures for both operators and passengers, which may be paid for through cashless transactions. Air passengers will now be able to print out baggage tags at home, and calculate and pay for excess baggage before they leave, by using the new technology.

For airport operators, the new solution offers a fully automated bag drop system, which may be developed using the existing conveyor belt systems that are commonly used at airports.

The new technology is part of the company’s recently launched Integrated Passenger Services (IPS) programme. IPS is claimed to offer an end-to-end solution for airline passengers, and airport operators, providing convenience and ease of payments for the services through smart phones.

IPS provides a range of solutions covering all airports services, from check-in to take-off. These will be including CUSS-based applications for kiosks; online or mobile phone check-in; automated self baggage drop; and solutions for security access and self boarding.

MATERNA has been offering its various bag drop solutions since 2003, with the goal of ‘Simplifying the passenger’s journey’. The new baggage drop technology, in partnership with Sick and Vanderlande, is currently being demonstrated at the annual Passenger Terminal Expo, running in Vienna until April 20, 2012.