Travellers Prefer New Destinations

Travellers prefer new undiscovered destinations, according to a survey conducted by Virtuoso, a US-based luxury travel network.

The 2012 Virtuoso Luxe Report indicates that Italy and France remain top favourite destinations for travellers in search of luxurious vacations, while England makes it to the top five favourite destinations of affluent travellers. Virtuoso clientele have expressed a preference to discover unexplored destinations in Cuba, followed by Cambodia and Belize, marking a new trend for adventurous travelling in 2012, which was less popular in previous years.

The five most popular destinations for family travel in 2012, according to the survey, are Italy, England, Costa Rica, Hawaii (US), and Turks and Caicos; while the top motives affecting travel choices include the search for genuine experiences in new destinations; rest and relaxation; and personal enrichment; which were same as those in 2011.

While survey results show that international travel maintains its appeal to travellers, luxurious river cruises are also proving to be an emerging travel trend, after family and multi-generational travel, which remains the top vacation choice for the upscale traveller.

Virtuoso chairman and chief executive officer, Matthew D Upchurch, CTC, said, ‘The Virtuoso traveller continues to look for new resorts and destinations to visit, personal enrichment and tailored experiences from their travels. Whether it’s a desire to explore new lands, reconnect with loved ones or seek new adventures, Virtuoso advisors collaborate with their clients to plan the ultimate travel experience. The Luxe Report is an extension of that relationship and those ongoing advisor-client conversations.’