Hotel Guests Love Free Wi-Fi

More and more travellers are opting for hotels with Wi-Fi connectivity, says a survey done by, a US-based travel company and a part of the Expedia group.

The hotel booking website has indicated that around 38 percent of people surveyed decide on hotels based on the availability of complimentary Wi-Fi as the most important hotel amenity, while 31 percent of travellers have expressed a wish to have all hotels Wi-Fi enabled, so that they can remain connected even when on vacation or business travel.

Travellers have also voted in favour of complimentary breakfast (25 percent) and complimentary parking (18 percent) as their most favourite hotel amenities, after complimentary Wi-Fi. While hotels are constantly offering new amenities involving leisure and relaxation, spa services were found to be of least importance, with only 1 percent voting for them.

Taylor L Cole, APR, the company director of public relations and social media, said, ‘Given the explosion of mobile use in the past few years, it is no surprise that travellers are requiring free and fast Wi-Fi. Many guests never travel without their tablets, smart phones and laptops. It’s as intuitive as packing a toothbrush. Guests use these items in their rooms to plan activities for the next day. We are also seeing an up-tick in mobile booking the day of a stay. Guests are creating their trips while on-the-go with Tonight’s Local Deals on our site and the mobile apps, which feature exclusive mobile deals – it is only natural that they’d want to stay connected while in their hotel rooms.’