Virgin Atlantic Improves Online Strategy

Virgin Atlantic, an airline subsidiary of UK-based Virgin Group, is currently revamping its Internet marketing strategy.

eDigitalResearch, a research specialist company offering insights to online communication, has recommended an upgraded Virgin Atlantic website as means of improving the online presence of the airline and customer satisfaction. The airline’s new website is presently offering major improvements in its design, functionality and usability, from the previous version.

Virgin Atlantic shares a long standing relationship with its research partners, eDigitalResearch, and has been using its insight tools, including HUB Panels and Communities, eDigitalSurveys, and eTravel Benchmark study to expand on its consumer insight, develop a loyal customer following, and compare online performance against competitors.

Fergus Boyd, the airline manager of e-business strategy, said, ‘At Virgin Atlantic we obsess about the voice of the customer and customer feedback. Our work with eDigitalResearch in general, and on our new website in particular at, has been instrumental in helping us measure the success of our new designs and improved customer experience.’

Derek Eccleston, eDigitalResearch head of research, said, ‘Listening to the voice of the customer and bringing feedback into the business is an integral part for any organisation looking to grow over coming months. By using a variety of our innovative insight tools, Virgin Atlantic is ensuring that it reaches a whole range of consumers, not just those that book through the site, and allows them to tap into what all customers are saying. The long-standing relationship between eDigitalResearch and Virgin Atlantic means that our insight professionals have a real understanding of key business objectives and work closely alongside each other to provide the most comprehensive, yet cost-effective, research solutions at our disposal.’