Flybe Discards Debit Card Charges

Flybe, the UK-based airline company, has scrapped debit card charges and will be offering more transparency on its fare structure.

The airline is offering a new pricing strategy that allows for more transparency for its customers, and is launching a new marketing campaign with a tag line, ‘Making flying better’, to make its customers aware of the changes in its fare structure.

As part of the new prices, the airline will no longer be charging £8 per transaction on all debit card bookings, and is lowering its transaction fees on credit card bookings from £13 to £9 per transaction.

The new pricing structure sees three new ticket types, Essential, new Economy, and Economy Plus.

Essential tickets offer the lowest fares with a 10kg hand luggage allowance, and frequent flyer points, but no debit card payments. The New Economy tickets offer a free hold bag, confirmed seats on booking, infinite changes in schedules, and a booking confirmation through SMS. The Economy Plus tickets include lounge access for passengers, quick security clearance, and double frequent flyer points.

Simon Lilley, the airline director of marketing, said, ‘The research showed that people did not feel they were getting clear, honest and transparent information in the way we sell airfares. This is way we are being more transparent with our new pricing. Customers want to understand how much they are going to pay as soon as possible and not just at the end of the process. Our second objective is to be more open and fair as well as maximising choice to the passenger. We also want to improve the travel experience through the airports. We want to offer a hassle-free, straight-forward and simple service.’