Dubai to Open Hotel with Under Water Rooms

Travellers with the inclination to sleep in a room that is 10 metres under sea level should consider a future visit to Dubai, in the UAE, for a stay at the Water Discus Hotel, which is currently being planned.

The half-submerged hotel will be offering 21 rooms beneath the sea, while a part of it will remain above sea level.

The building will have an external appearance similar to a spaceship, and the designers, Deep Ocean Technology (DOT), are hopeful that the hotel will fulfil the fantasy of many holidaymakers.

The hotel is being developed by Switzerland-based BIG InvestConsult, and their spokesperson said, ‘Today, the advent of new technology made the heart of the ocean a setting not only for diving, but also for luxurious holidays.’

Dubai has always been a pioneer in terms of experimenting with innovative designs, and the new hotel follows in that mindset. The new hotel will be another feather in the cap of Dubai’s legendary construction designs, after the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, and the man-made archipelago, Palm Islands.

Constructed in two parts, the structure above the water will be connected to the structure below the water with pillars hosting lifts to transport guests and the hotel’s employees. The underwater segment of the hotel will be offering rooms with clear walls that will provide the guests with glimpses of the sea flora and fauna, while they enjoy the hotel amenities. While the top part of the hotel is designed to withstand tsunamis and earthquakes, the underwater section will be able to float to the surface, in case of emergencies.