Easyjet Announces Extension of Allocated Seating Trial

Easyjet, a UK-based low-cost airline, is to extend its trial of allocated seating to more routes, following the initial introduction of the allocated seating option in April of this year.

The allocated seating is available in three price ranges, £12 for extra leg room in front row and exit seats, £8 for seats at the front of the aircraft, and £3 for any other seat.

Allocated seating will be offered on all flights to destinations including Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, Malaga, Istanbul, Alicante, Amsterdam, Glasgow, and Zurich, for all days of the week, during the extended trial period.

The allocated seating option can also include a priority boarding incentive from a minimum payment of £2.50 per person, and passengers who purchase ‘Speedy Boarding’ will be the first group to board the aircraft, followed by passengers requiring special assistance and families with young children. All other passengers will then board the aircraft in a final group.

In a statement on its website, the airline said, ‘We launched our allocated seating trial on selected routes in April and following positive feedback from our customers, we have added more routes to the trial. In response to passenger feedback, this trial is aimed at testing whether allocated seating makes travel easy, affordable and provides a better experience for our passengers.

Passengers already booked on flights which are part of the allocated seating trial will receive a communication ahead of their flight to let them know what they need to do.’ The communique also provides a list of questions that passengers may have in relation to Allocated Seating.