British Airways Commences Integration of bmi Flights

British Airways, the UK-based airline company, has commenced the procedure of integrating its newly acquired airline subsidiary, bmi, into its mainstream service.

The airline has already switched nine bmi destinations to its own BA code and flight number. The changes will become effective from May 23, 2012, and bmi passengers will be notified separately.

The new routes includes bmi services to Bergen, in Norway; Basel, Switzerland; Nice, France; Vienna, Austria; Stavanger, Norway; Hanover, Germany; Agadir, Marrakech, and Casablanca, in Morocco.

For bmi passengers, the flight schedules on the nine routes will be the same as before, although British Airways policies will be applicable for these fights, including baggage allowance, web bookings, etc. The British Airways baggage policies will be applicable for bookings made from May 10, 2012.

Members of Bmi’s Executive Class will also be accommodated in The British Airways Executive Class, and will be able to receive all of its amenities.

The airline has stated, ‘Further routes will be changed over to British Airways’ system in the coming weeks and customers will receive emails advising them of the change. These changes are part of plans to integrate bmi into British Airways for the start of the winter season, with the gradual transition of flights during the summer. During this period, the exterior and interior design of bmi’s aircraft, as well as the onboard experience will gradually transform into British Airways’ style.’

International Airlines Group (IAG), the parent company of British Airways, completed the acquisition of bmi, from Lufthansa, the Germany-based airline in April 2012.