British Travellers Spend As Much on Holiday Shopping as Holiday Travel

The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), a UK-based association of travel agents, has announced that British travellers spend as much money on getting their kit ready in preparation to travel, as they spend on the travel itself.

New research has highlighted that UK holidaymakers spend an average of £532 per person on holiday products and services, even before they begin travelling.

Around GBP1.8 billion is spent by UK residents every year, before they embark on their travels, while a total £31.2 billion is spent in the UK each year on foreign holiday planning and preparation, and £31.6 billion is spent each year on travel itself.

Around £759 million is spent each year on buying cameras and electrical goods, £543 million on magazines and books for entertainment, around £529 million on essential suntan lotions and toiletries, and more than £300m on sunglasses and accessories.

Victoria Bacon, the head of communications at ABTA, said, ‘Part of the excitement of going away on holiday is about the preparation. For many holidaymakers, splashing out some of their budget on a new summer wardrobe, buying a few new books and magazines and getting their duty free at the airport are all part of the experience.

Add to this all of the jobs that are supported in travel agents, at airports and in shops and it is clear that the outbound travel sector makes a very important contribution to the UK economy. This demonstrates conclusively that going abroad on holiday is good for British business.’