TV Advert Trouble for Center Parks

Center Parks UK, which provides accommodation and leisure facilities in holiday village locations in the UK, has had one of its television adverts for cheap holidays banned for being misleading.

The Daily Mail has reported that the UK’s Advertising Standards Agency had begun an investigation after receiving a complaint from a viewer that the television advert for a £249 break was only available mid-week and during school term time. The advert appeared to target families, as it portrayed children and adults taking part in various leisure activities together. It also included the line, ‘What would you like your children to inherit? A house? A clock? The family silver? Or something a little more valuable?’

Center Parks defence was that it clearly stated that the price point was £249, the booking deadline was January 31st and that conditions applied. It added that one of those conditions was that ‘this offer is available on selected 4 night midweek breaks.’ The company also said that it did not believe viewers would have expected to be able to take a family of four, including two children of school age, on holiday for just £249.

Despite the defence, the ASA issued the company with a warning and told them to ensure that significant information regarding the availability of their offers was included in their future advertising.

In a comment following the ruling, Center Parks said, ‘Whilst we believe this ruling to be harsh, we will of course take on board the ASA’s comments and continue to work within their guidelines in the future.’