UK Residents Prefer US Destinations for Bargain Holidays

British visitors are showing a growing preference for visiting destinations in the US, as a stronger pound makes bargain holidays in the States more lucrative.

Dealchecker, a UK-based company offering a flight, accommodation, holiday and car hire price comparison service, has reported that UK tourists are looking to America for bargain travel offers, as poor weather in England urges increased numbers to look outside the country for their vacation requirements.

There has been a marked increase in searches for flights to New York City and other US destinations in April 2012, compared to figures for February 2012.

In April 2012, 4.5 percent of searches on the company’s website have been for New York, compared to 2 percent in February 2012, representing an increase of 125 percent. Searches for destinations in the USA have increased from 12 percent of the site’s total in February 2012, to 17 percent in April 2012.

Mark Attwell, the company managing director, said, ‘We specialise in finding the best travel deals, and the rise in searches for the US shows that the country offers great value. New York is a vibrant and diverse city, where visitors can grab a hot dog and stroll Central Park for free, or experience some of the world’s best museums, events and shopping. Considering the strength of the pound and the poor weather across Europe and the UK this spring, it is no surprise that British people have started looking to New York, Florida and other US destinations for affordable and sunny holidays.’

April 2012 has been the coldest April since 1989 in the UK, and the wettest ever, driving travellers to look for sunnier and drier destinations for their vacation.