British Travellers Spending More on Holiday Extras for Jubilee and Half Term vacations

Families intending to holiday during the Jubilee Bank Holidays may be spending more than they need to on holiday extras, such as airport parking, travel insurance and travel money, according to a new report released by TravelSupermarket, a UK-based online travel company.

The report suggests that families may be paying up to £456.51 more on holiday extras, and on booking certain facilities. The report also suggests that with a little planning it is possible for British travellers to avoid spending so much on these extra holiday amenities.

Travellers may save up to £65.30 on airport parking by making advance bookings. The long stay cost for parking at Heathrow Airport for eight days, between June 2 and 9, 2012, is £137.60, but by booking ahead, travellers would only have paid £72.30 for the same period.

Bob Atkinson, the company travel expert, said, ‘Holidaymakers know they can save significant amounts of money by shopping around for their flights and accommodation in advance, but fewer consider the saving they could make on the cost of holiday ‘extras’. Often items such as travel insurance and car parking are left until the last minute and can end up costing more than they need to.

By shopping around online and by booking far in advance of a holiday, our research has found travellers could end up with more than £450 in their back pocket on a range of typical ‘extras’ which are likely to be essential for anyone going away with a family over half term.’

Families can save more money by comparing travel insurance online, pre-booking car rentals and car insurance policies in advance, and by planning and purchasing foreign currency online in advance.