Spain Most Popular Holiday Destination for Fly-Drive Travellers

Spain is the most popular destination for travellers to hire cars abroad, says a new international car hire infographics report, released by Avis, the US-based multi-national car rental company.

Topping the list of popular Spanish destinations are Malaga, Alicante, Mallorca, Barcelona, and Tenerife.

The report says that Spain accounted for around 14 percent of foreign car rentals in 2011, followed by France (12.6 percent), Italy (10.5 percent), and Portugal (4.1 percent).

Based on car rental, the UK is the most popular of the commonwealth countries as a destination for tourists, said the report. Car rental in the UK is most popular with visitors from the US, who account for around 28.5 percent of all car rentals by overseas visitors to the country, followed by visitors from France (9.2 percent), visitors from Germany (8.5 percent), visitors from Australia with 6.4 percent, and visitors from Canada who accounted for 5 percent. This breakdown was based on figures for 2011.

The report also highlighted favourite theme parks and attractions for British tourists, by using the number of Facebook check-ins, and the results suggest that the most favourite theme park is Disneyland in France, while Gardaland in Italy is second, followed by Pompeii, in Italy and Alton Towers in the UK.

Within the UK, favourite travel destinations for British travellers are London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Glasgow. The favourite UK attractions for British residents are Alton Towers, Hyde Park, the London Eye, Thorpe park, and Leicester Square.

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