British Airways Offers Complimentary Fares to Homebound Brits for 2012 Olympics

British Airways, a UK-based airline company, is offering complimentary tickets to friends and families of UK athletes and British citizens living outside the UK.

The airline is offering hundreds of complimentary flights and tickets to UK citizens staying overseas and wanting to come back to the UK to cheer on the home teams in the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The airline has launched a promotion on its Facebook page, offering complimentary fares from 20 specific destinations around the world, with 12 tickets to London per destination. The flights are available from Sydney (Australia), Moscow (Russia), New York (US), Hong Kong (China), Cape Town (South Africa), Beijing (China) and Los Angeles (US). As part of this promotion, the airline is also offering tickets to the 2012 Games to every person that benefits from receiving the complimentary air tickets.

Luisa Fernandez, the airline manager of the home coming campaign, said, ‘This is the start of our campaign to get the country behind our athletes and give them an extra boost. Every extra clap, cheer and whoop we can offer, could make the difference to how they perform.’

British Airways will be launching its campaign on June 1, 2012, as part of its sponsorship for Team GB (Great Britain) and Paralympics GB.

The director of sport for the British Olympic Association, Sir Clive Woodward, said, ‘I really hope the whole country does get behind the team. Every British athlete needs help, needs support, and there’s no doubt that the crowd and the home support makes a huge difference.’