Study Reveals Misconceptions on Cost of Travel

Tourists tend to have misconceptions regarding the cost of travel to various overseas destinations, says a recent survey by a UK-based flight comparison site, Skyscanner.

An annual study of 30 holiday destinations that are popular with British travellers brings into focus that while many think that an Indian holiday will be cheap, a holiday in Morocco is actually cheaper.

An even bigger surprise to many British travellers is that Germany is one of the best destinations for a bargain holiday.

In fact, the study suggests that Eurozone holidays are in reality much cheaper than many travellers perceive them to be, with many European destinations currently offering far less expensive accommodation than travellers imagine. Other countries in Europe that are cheaper than most people imagine are Spain and Ireland.

The company spokesperson, Sam Poullain, said, ‘With cheap flights available across the UK, and the strength of the pound against the Euro, European destinations such as Germany, are our tip for the best value resort this year.’

While the US is often considered to be a cheap travel destination, the figures say otherwise. Likewise with Brazil, which is the second most expensive destination, but thought to be the ninth cheapest country to travel to. Mexico and Canada are among the other countries that are more expensive than travellers believe.

The report also suggests that when the costs of flights are factored in, long distance destinations like Brazil, New Zealand and Mexico are the most expensive for a holiday, while Sweden and Denmark are more affordable alternatives, as they are served by low-cost airlines.