British Travellers Miss Their Pets On Vacation

Britain may well be a ‘pet mad’ nation, says travel comparison website TravelSupermarket.

British travellers are keen to travel with their pets in the upcoming bank holidays, with 32 percent of the respondents of a recent study opting for pet friendly travel. In fact Brits miss their pets so much that they would rather take their pets on a vacation than their family members, given a choice, says the report.

Around 13 percent of British travellers responded that they would choose their pet over their partner on a holiday, while 10 percent would prefer to take their pet on holiday over their children, if they had a choice.

Around 47 percent of the pet owners said that when they leave their family they miss their pets; while around 33 percent of travellers said they miss their pets more than their immediate family.

TravelSupermarket travel expert, Bob Atkinson, said, ‘We all know that Brits love their pets and this research has found that many pet owners are happy to admit we actually miss our furry friends more than we miss immediate family and friends when we are away.

It’s never been easier to travel with your cat or dog thanks to the recent relaxation of DEFRA quarantine laws and the accessibility of ‘pet passports’. The rules do vary slight by country and pet, but generally your pet will need to be micro-chipped and vaccinated against rabies in order to gain a pet passport, avoiding the need for beloved animals sitting in quarantine for lengthy periods of time when travelling between countries.’