Cruise Industry News Annual Report Shows Growth in Asian Market

Cruise Industry News Annual Report, an annual report on the cruise industry, has reported that the industry is growing in the Asia, Asia-Pacific and Australian markets.

The 2012 edition of the report identifies the emerging Asian-Pacific cruise industry at 1.2 million passengers annually, contributing to 6 percent of the worldwide cruise revenue.

The report highlights that the growth in the Asia-Pacific region is led by Star Cruises, a Hong Kong based company with four ships, owning 35.8 percent of the market. In 2012, passenger figures are expected to hit 1.2 million for the company.

Australia and New Zealand added another 548,544 passengers in 2012, led by P&O Australia, with four ships, and enjoying a regional market share of 47.4 percent.

Daniel Read, the Portfolio Director of Cruise Shipping group of UBM, the media company that publishes the report, said, ‘In 2012 the global cruise industry is set to carry 19.3 million passengers and the Asian market is continuing to take a bigger percentage of that number each year. In light of the opening of the International Cruise Terminal in Singapore, which will be able to accommodate the largest of the new generations of cruise ships, we expect to see growth continuing throughout the region for many years to come.’

The Cruise Shipping Asia-Pacific conference will be held at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore from September 17 to 18, 2012, where the Cruise Industry News Annual Report will be discussed in detail to identify the changing facets of the industry in the current year.