British Travellers Remain Unfazed by Recession

The latest research from Kantar Media, a UK-based media company, shows that leisure travel in the UK still continues unabated in spite of an economy that is slowing down.

Around 90 percent of adults in the UK are planning a holiday in 2012, which is more than the 82 percent that vacationed last year. The Kantar Media Compete’s Online Shopper Intelligence Report indicated that although budget and luxury holidays remain equally favoured by British consumers, holiday costs are a concern to them.

Around 49 percent of the UK online population visited the website of UK-based low cost airline, Easyjet, in the first quarter of 2012, making it the most popular airline, while Travelodge and Premier Inn remain the most popular UK hotels, visited by 54 percent and 52 percent of online visitors respectively.

According to the report, price is the biggest factor to impact on the travel decisions of UK holidaymakers, and they have shown a growing trend towards booking their own individual holiday components, Including airline, hotel rooms, and car rental, separately online, rather than employing the services of an online travel agent (OTA)to construct a package on their behalf.

John Thekanady, the company client services director, said, ‘One issue clearly flagged up by the report is that OTAs would benefit from taking a closer look at the needs of their audience and how they can meet them. This is particularly pertinent in view of the high reach of EasyJet that, with hire cars, hotels, package breaks, etc, is fulfilling the role of an OTA. The findings also indicate that there are untapped opportunities online for bus and rail companies. They could boost their digital sales significantly by improving their online marketing and distribution channels, particularly as the price of petrol continues to rise.’