British Airways Integrates Seven BMI Routes

British Airways, a UK-based airline company, is continuing with its integration of British Midland International (bmi) airline with its main fleet.

In a recent report, the airline has announced that it has converted seven bmi destinations to its own codes and flights numbers.

bmi flights to and from Belfast, Dublin and Manchester airports will have British Airways codes and flight numbers from June 27, 2012.

bmi flights to Aberdeen (Scotland), Amman (Jordan), Beirut (Lebanon) (BD 907/BD 906 only), and Edinburgh (Scotland) are changing to British Airways (BA) flight numbers from the July 4, 2012.

All the flights that change to a BA flight number will continue to operate from the same airports and terminals, and will be following the same schedules as before. Flights operating to and from London Heathrow Airport will be operating from Terminal 1.

Passengers holding tickets with BD (bmi) flight numbers may have to undergo some changes in services and policies due to the changes in the flight numbers, including Heathrow check-in times and business class hand baggage allowances.

Flights that have changed from BD to BA lettering will have flight numbers from BA 8038 to BA 8199

In a statement British Airways said, ‘These changes are part of plans to integrate bmi into British Airways for the start of the winter season, with the gradual transition of flights during the summer.

During this period, the exterior and interior design of bmi’s aircraft, as well as the onboard experience will gradually transform into British Airways’ style.’