New York and London Still Favourite Bed and Breakfast Summer Destinations

London and New York remain the favourite destinations for travellers that prefer bed and breakfast accommodation, according to a recent survey by, a company that provides information on bed and breakfast properties worldwide.

The company has reported that the top two destination finding favour with travellers this summer are London and New York. The Summer Travel Trends survey has also indicated that 67 percent of travellers have plans to return to a previously visited destination, while around 54 percent of the respondents have plans to stay at affordable bed and breakfast inns this summer.

Traditionally bed and breakfast inns, or B&Bs, offer complimentary breakfast, parking, Wi-Fi and other amenities. Around 71 percent of the travellers reviewed during the study felt that these inns offer more value than hotels, and around 84 percent of the respondents prefer B&Bs to a hotel, even when the rates are similar for both. Another interesting fact that became apparent during the study is that 71 percent of travellers that responded to the survey are keen to sample a different bed and breakfast property when they return to a place that they have previously visited.

Gregory Sion, the general manager of, said, ‘The beauty of bed and breakfasts and inns is that each one is different and distinctive, with its own personality and charm, whether it’s a historic home in the country or a modern inn in the middle of a city. Bed and breakfasts offer a sense of discovery for guests who want and expect more when they travel.’