OAG to Launch Travel Disruption Product

OAG, a business belonging to UBM Aviation, is to launch a product to help travellers that are affected by disruption to their travel itinerary.

The airline data firm, with its head office in Luton, UK, is to launch its new Migo system that is designed to provide travellers whose flights have been disrupted due to bad weather, strikes or sudden cancellations, with alternative travel options. The options that the system will provide are not just be limited to alternative available flights but, where applicable, will also give details of land and sea routes.

OAG expects that Migo, which will include feeds from the company’s own global flight schedule database, live flight status data and ground options, will be particularly popular with TCMs and large corporate clients, for whom sudden and unexpected travel disruption can be costly. To facilitate its use, Migo will be compatible with PC’s, tablet computers and ipads.

UBM Aviation’s executive vice president of networks, John Grant, said, ‘The more information we can give the traveller then more they can make informed choices. It may be that after looking at all the options they will decide that the best thing to do is to go home, or if the meeting is very important they can find an alternative route to use. We are talking to TMCs about using Migo and we expect it to be in the market by the end of the year.’

The level of traffic disruption at each airport will be graded with red, amber and green lights, to indicate the likelihood of delays or cancellations.

Emma Swinnerton, OAG product director said, ‘We are putting the information at people’s fingertips to make the best decisions for them. It will include weather forecasts – so if it shows there will be snow for the next 12 hours, they can decide to get a hotel for the night.’