Easyjet to Partner Unicef

Easyjet, a UK-based low-cost airline, has announced that it is to partner Unicef, a worldwide charitable organisation with its headquarters in New York, that provides long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries.

Easyjet is set to launch the ‘Change For Good’ campaign aboard its aircraft on July 2, and all passengers will be invited to donate spare change to Unicef in pouches that will be handed out by the crew during flights.

With the initiative operating during the main summer and winter travel seasons, it is expected that 55 million passengers will be given the opportunity to donate, with the money raised funding Unicef’s vital work with children across the globe.

The chief executive of easyJet, Carolyn McCall, said, ‘We’re delighted to be embarking on a new partnership with Unicef. We’re passionate about our commitment to help and support children across the world, and are looking forward to getting involved with Unicef’s international projects. We are sure that our people and our passengers will be keen to support this vital cause.’

Speaking on behalf of Unicef, David Bull, executive director of Unicef UK, said, ‘This partnership gives us at Unicef a unique opportunity, to generate significant new support for our vital work with children and also bring information about our mission to an audience of millions. As two global organisations whose brands are recognised across the world, our new partnership is the perfect match for children.’

The partnership between the two organisations is planned to operate for a three-year period.