Australia Eases Restrictions For British Migrant Workers

British workers that are keen to start a new life in Australia have had their chances of doing so improved by an announcement that the Australian government is ready to ease the country’s immigration requirements.

The Australian government has announced that the current pass mark in its visa application process will be reduced. Such is the need to attract more skilled workers from Britain, that the government is reducing the pass mark from 65 to 60.

The reform will come into place from July 1, as part of a raft of measures designed to improve Australia’s skilled workforce. Another of the measures is the SkillSelect scheme, which will do away with the need for British workers to be sponsored by an Australian employer in order to apply for a visa. Instead, the prospective migrants will have to complete an Expression of Interest, after which they will be assessed on their skills and attributes. Having convinced the authorities of their value, they will be invited to submit a Skilled Visa application.

Paul Arthur, director of migration specialists, the Emigration Group, is reported to have commented, ‘Australia is conducting one of its biggest migration drives in 40 years and the reduction of the pass mark is part of this initiative, which will make it easier for Brits to get a visa to live and work down under.’

Australia has long been a popular destination for British citizens seeking a new challenge and lifestyle overseas, so the added encouragement that this easing of the immigration rules provides, coming at a time when the cloud of recession and austerity hangs over the UK, is likely to inspire even greater numbers to explore the possibilities.