Happy Vacations Begin with a Free Hotel Room

A recent survey conducted by Howard Johnson hotel brand, in collaboration with UK-based market research agency, Redshift Research, says that the happiest vacations commence with travellers receiving complimentary stays.

For a truly happy vacation, around 64 percent of respondents to the survey want their vacations to last for a week or more, and the majority of respondents wish to have family and friends along with them on vacation. Around 22 percent of people surveyed believe that to be able to disconnect from work makes them most happy on a vacation.

The Howard Johnson hotel brand has said that it will be offer complimentary hotel stays to guests, at random, at its 50 hotels.

Kevin McCabe, the senior director of marketing for Howard Johnson, said, ‘It’s always our goal to keep guests smiling and in good spirits whenever they’re able to stay with us-after all, that’s what vacation is all about. But on this, the happiest day of the year, we wanted to do something extra special. Travellers told us they want free rooms, so that’s what they’ll get.’

The survey also highlighted that getting sick on a holiday remains the biggest fear for travellers, followed by the stalling of travel plans due to bad weather and having to experience a bad hotel. Reinforcing the strong desire to disconnect from normal home life, of least concern is getting a call from the office.

Around 44 percent of respondents said that their favourite indulgence whilst on vacation is spending more money on food and holiday activities. Most holidaymakers felt that vacation starts on reaching the vacation destination, while some respondents, cited pulling out of their driveway at home, or even packing for a holiday, as when they consider their vacation to have begun.