Cable Car Ride over Thames Set To Open in London Next Week

Emirates Air Line, a transport company operating a cable car link across the River Thames in London, will be opening the route on June 28, 2012, ahead of the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympic Games.

The £60 million network has been constructed in sponsorship with the UAE-based airline company, Emirates Airline.

Monocable Detachable Gondola (MDG) technology will be used to run the 1km long cable car line, which crosses the Thames River from the Greenwich Peninsula, and goes to the Royal Docks. The operation will be run by 34 cable cars, ferrying 2,500 passengers per hour.

The cable car will accommodate pedestrians, people with restricted mobility, as well as cyclists on the five-minute journey across the river. A single fare, which is available on an Oyster card, is priced at £3.20. For those without an Oyster Card, a single adult journey costs £4.30, and a Frequent Flyer ticket for the cable car is priced at £16.

Earlier, mayor Boris Johnson, said, ‘Gliding serenely through the air across the Thames will provide a truly sublime, bird’s eye view of our wonderful city.

This innovative airborne travel link will be a vital component in the ongoing renaissance of a vibrant easterly quarter of the Capital, providing a much-needed river crossing.’

The cable car will provide a panoramic view of the Thames River to its passengers and will be an added attraction the additional 500,000 tourists who will be visiting from international destinations for the 2012 London Games commencing at the end of July this year.