Gatwick Express Offers New Music Collection for Passengers

Gatwick Express, a UK-based company that provides a rail-air service between Victoria station and Gatwick Airport in the UK, has launched its complimentary range of music, Express Tracks.

Express Tracks music is currently available to the company’s online customers, providing entertainment for the journey.

Chris Burchell, the managing director for Gatwick Express and Southern, said, ‘Gatwick Express has a global reputation for customer innovation and Express Tracks offers a free journey soundtrack for every customer who books online. We are committed to enhancing our 30-minute journey and creating the best experience for our customers.

Express Tracks is a unique collection of music created to accompany a train journey and thanks to these artist collaborations, Gatwick Express is the most exciting way to travel to the airport.’

The company has commissioned three artists, celebrated cellist and music composer, Philip Sheppard, producer and Radio1 DJ, Benga, and UK based band, The Milk, to record their soundtracks for the rail journey.

Philip Sheppard said, ‘To be able to use the uniquely visual story of a train journey as inspiration for a 30 minute track really appealed to me as an artist. I have appreciated the romance of rail ever since I first saw the famous Night Mail documentary. Creating the inaugural track for the Express Tracks project also allowed me to explore how changing scenery can alter travellers’ emotions and I used the departure, the cityscape, the suburbs and the anticipation of arrival as focal points in the music.’