Travellers Showing Preference for Hotels Offering Mobile Video Content

While deciding on vacations, travellers are showing an increasing preference for hotels that can provide mobile video content, according to a survey conducted by Smith Micro Software, a mobile content company.

Travellers are opting for the ability to obtain Pay-Per-View (PPV) and video content services that can be accessed through mobile devices, when searching for hotel accommodation. Around 67 percent of respondents to the survey said that they are more likely to purchase content that can be accessed with a tablet or smartphone when staying at hotels.

Around 75 percent of those surveyed said that they are likely to book a hotel if it offers content services and videos that can be accessed through smart phones.

Jim Mains, the senior vice president of products and programs at Smith Micro, said, ‘We’re seeing consumer preferences move away from static TV and toward viewing content from any device, anywhere. Historically, the hospitality industry has faced many challenges in devising a content strategy that would address shifts in consumer behaviour while replacing lost revenue from consumers using their own devices for content.

While business travellers and vacationers have different preferences, one constant remains, accessing video content from a mobile device is a valuable asset and ultimately a deciding factor when selecting a hotel.’

The survey had polled around 700 smartphone and tablet users on their travel and mobile content consumption habits and preferences.

Around 72 percent of respondents were interested in watching hotel video content from their mobile device, and 88 percent were keen to access mobile video offered through the Wi-Fi of a preferred hotel.