Train travel on the increase – are trains the right choice for me?

Ever since the recession, holidaying in the UK has become increasingly popular, with people choosing to stay at home rather than going abroad. And why wouldn’t you? Beautiful rolling hills in the Lake District and cities such as Leeds and Newcastle offering the perfect balance of culture and shopping, there’s certainly something for everyone.

However, some people don’t see UK holidays as luxury. People fear being packed into a car surrounded by suitcases with no space to spread out, can’t afford the extortionate costs of fuel or don’t want to deal with the dreaded chorus of ‘are we there yet?’ every five minutes.

However, it doesn’t have to be like this. There is a new luxury way to travel, a method of transport that offers value for money, cheap ticket prices and lessens environmental impact. We are, of course, talking about train travel. The newest models of trains offer comfort and luxury while also taking away the stress of having to negotiate motorways. Simply book your seat, pack your bag and sit back and relax.

Many people worry however, that train travel is too expensive, too overpriced and something that they definitely cannot afford. However, with the rise of train travel, there has been a decrease in train ticket prices, making cheap train fares easy to find.

Many trains also offer services such as Wi-Fi and power sources for their passengers; you wouldn’t get that in a car, would you? It is services such as these that have led to train travel becoming increasingly popular for weekend trips, family holidays and business trips.

Trains are exciting too and children love sitting and looking out the window, distracted by the scenery whizzing past. With toilets and snack trolleys on board most trains there is nothing to worry about in this department either and it also means that you avoid those pesky stops at service stations when travelling on the motorway.

With all these benefits, why would anyone choose to take anything but the train? Relaxing, stress free and cheap, there really are no downsides to this type of travel. With this considered, it’s no wonder train travel is increasing in the UK, so why don’t you join in with this new phenomenon and buy train tickets online today? All you need to do is decide where you want to go!