Last Minute Offers May Not Be Best Way to Buy Vacation Packages

Last minute holidays may not be actually last minute holidays, and may remain available for quite some time, says a recent survey conducted by Which?, a UK-based product review company.

Most travel companies offer limited-time bargain offers to attract customers for their products and services. But what if you have bought one such deal, only to find out that it has been extended beyond its time limit – Would you have bought the deal then?

The survey by ‘Which?’ has pointed out that consumers most of times are not getting the best price on booking their vacations in last-minute deals. Around 43% of the advertisements of limited-time holidays are available for similar or lower prices than that offered during a sale, even after the sale ends.

The study has pointed out that travel companies tend to follow three kinds of policies, which are often misleading, while announcing a sale. The first is an extension of the sale dates beyond those first advertised; second, lowering prices after the sale ends; and third, repeating one sale offer after another on the same vacation offers.

Richard Lloyd, the company executive director, said, ‘No one likes finding out that someone on the same holiday paid less for it. But it’s even worse if you bought your holiday in a rush because the ads told you the prices would be available only for a short time.

With family budgets squeezed and many people on the lookout for a bargain, travel companies shouldn’t hurry holiday-makers into making decisions that might not give them the best value for money.’