ScotRail Announces Ban on Consumption of Alcohol Onboard Trains at Night

ScotRail, a railway network in Scotland, has decided to ban consumption and carrying of alcohol on its trains at night, between 9pm and 10am. The network has also stated that it will restrict admission of people under alcoholic influence who the network feel are unfit to travel.

The network has taken the stance on demands from passengers against anti-social behaviour on trains and pressure from the government to take action against people indulging in aggressive behaviour on travelling in alcohol-induced states.

Steve Montgomery, the managing director of the network, said: ‘Anti-social behaviour fuelled by alcohol has no place on our trains or at stations. Customers should be able to travel in a safe and friendly environment.

It’s time to call a halt on the irresponsible minority who spoil journeys for the majority. These individuals disrupt services, abuse staff and fellow customers, and cause accidents.’

The Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Kenny MacAskill, said, ‘We want everyone to enjoy themselves on nights out, but consideration for others is also vitally important. A journey home on a train shouldn’t be a worrying or upsetting experience for any passenger.

Responses to the Rail 2014 consultation clearly showed there is concern from passengers who have to travel in the company of those under the influence of alcohol and the anti-social behaviour that can sometimes come with it.

I welcome the decision by ScotRail to act on those concerns, which will greatly benefit and reassure responsible passengers and encourage more people to use public transport. It sends out a message loud and clear that drunken, loutish behaviour on our trains will no longer be tolerated.

Tackling alcohol misuse is a priority for this Government and this is a development we welcome as we continue working to rebalance Scotland’s damaging relationship with alcohol.’