British nationals evacuated from Libya

The vast majority of British nationals, who wished to leave Libya following the recent unrest, have now been evacuated.

Many left on the commercial flights that are still running, with government charters and military evacuations also contributing to the mass departure.

Three British military transport planes evacuated 150 people from areas in the Libyan Desert. Including British people and those from other countries, the civilians were eager to leave the country following the uprising.

“Three Royal Air Force C130 Hercules aircraft have successfully evacuated around a further 150 civilians from multiple locations in the eastern Libyan Desert,” defense secretary Liam Fox said. Numerous other nations have also been evacuating foreigners by air and sea.

Hundreds of migrants left on a Greek ship on Sunday, mostly from from Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, Portugal, the Netherlands and Britain – docked at the port of Piraeus near Athens.

However as many as 100,000 migrants, mostly from Egypt, are stranded on the Libyan border with Tunisia. Increasing with up to 1000 arrivals every hour, UN officials said.

Tunisian officials are under pressure to deal with with the arrival of so many, especially with the country having just undergone its own revolution.

With food and water supplies becoming limited, many more evacuees are still at Tripoli International Airport, where the Turkish embassy has now taken over from the British Embassy.