Perfect Holidays Begin with Travel Upgrades

Travel perks and extras give holidays the flying start that travellers want according to a recent survey.

The survey, by, has reported that holiday embellishments, like travelling in a private jet, are what holidaymakers dreams are made of.

The company polled around 1,962 travellers, and in general they expressed their desire to live the high-life, including taking rocket trips to outer space, and nearly one in two, or 47 percent, would like to go on holiday in a private jet.

Although such grandiose trimmings may be beyond the finances of most travellers, the holiday company is of the opinion that little travel extras, such as booking airport lounges that offer complimentary drinks and snacks, may add that extra touch of luxury to the beginning of an, otherwise, budget holiday.

Anthony Clarke Cowell, the associate merchandising director at, said, ‘We’re continually developing our range of products, and although these add-ons aren’t as aspirational as a private jet, they’re certainly hassle-free and can add the finishing touches to any holiday.’

While 22 percent of travellers polled would love a helicopter ride, around one in five of the respondents polled would like to experience a journey in a hot air balloon.

James Lewis, the company head of online partnerships, said, ‘Space travel will take off in the next few years. I can see people being able to book through travel agents in the future for their all-inclusive around-the-world space trip. Personally I would definitely enjoy my own private jet, but being more realistic, I can’t wait to try the new Boeing Dreamliner.’