Sleeping is Favourite Airport Pastime for British Travellers

British travellers prefer to sleep at airport lounges and waiting areas rather than indulge in any other activities, according to a recent survey conducted by UK-based holiday company,

Around 53 percent of British travellers owned up to taking a nap at airports while waiting to board their flights, rather than involving themselves in more obvious activities, like dining or shopping.

Asking what travellers require at airports, the survey suggested that there is a demand for additional sleeping areas in airport lounges to allow passengers to have a nap while waiting for their flights.

However, given a choice, lady travellers have other preferences. Around 20 percent of them, or one in five, would relish the opportunity of improving their style quotients by indulging in grooming and other personal services, leading the survey to deduce that there is a growing demand for more spas and beauty parlours at airports for female passengers.

Anthony Clarke Cowell, the company associate merchandising director, said, ‘It looks like holidaymakers are going to be spending quite a lot of time delayed at the airport this summer, so I can definitely empathise with those who want to catch some ZZzs.

Of course, there’s always the option for travellers to book an airport lounge if they want somewhere to relax after clearing security.’

Around 33 percent of male respondents asked for a gaming area in airports, to spend time in while awaiting flights. The respondents indicated that an area that provided gadgets and game consoles would be a much preferred alternative to bar and casino options.