Northern Ireland Railways Offers Complimentary Wi-Fi on Trains

Translink, the railway company operated by Northern Ireland’s state-owned rail operator, Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company, has announced the introduction of complimentary Internet services for its passengers on its NI Railways trains.

NI Railways is offering complimentary broadband Internet as part of its improved customer service, for around 10 million passengers that it transports every year. The company intends to offer passengers a better mode of transportation on its routes than travelling by private car.

David Lowry, the senior technical engineer for Translink NI Railways, said, ‘Free WiFi is an added extra to travel on trains. More and more people are using their train commute to access their emails or catch up on social media, allowing them to make more of their time. This new free WiFI facility will add value and make it even easier for our passengers to stay in touch.

The project requires a quick turnaround and Nomad is helping us keep on top of deadlines, with much to look forward to in future.’

Nomad Digital, a UK-based company offering wireless solutions to the transportation sector, has installed passenger WiFi services on all 47 trains in the fleet. The service will also be implemented on the, cross border, Belfast to Dublin route.

Lowry said that Internet connectivity also offers additional scope for the company, with the possibility of introducing real-time connectivity so that passengers can see where the train is at any time.

Alexander Eriksen, the chief executive officer of Nomad Digital, said, ‘We’re delighted to help connect yet another UK transport company with internet on-board services, paving the way for a host of add-on benefits in future.’