British Travellers Are Nervous of Driving in Europe

British travellers going to Europe on a fly and drive holiday are not always entirely at ease with driving on the continent, according to a survey conducted by car insurance comparison website,

The survey highlighted the plight of around 66 percent of British travellers who have experienced road accidents while driving in Europe, and around 73 percent of the respondents revealed a fear of foreign roads due to bewildering road signs, unpredictable driving habits, and different driving laws.

The report also says that around one in five road trips from Britain to Europe involves a crash or a bump, while around 66 percent, or two-thirds of British travellers have experienced a mishap while driving in Europe. Around 25 percent of British travellers that drive in foreign countries during summer are not actually aware of their travel insurance status when they are abroad.

Gareth Kloet, the head of car insurance at, said, ‘As the holiday season approaches, we’re going to see more Brits heading to the continent. While driving is often the most convenient means of travel, it’s important for motorists to take the time to understand the foreign laws. Accidents can easily happen in an unfamiliar environment, so reading up and making sure you’re completely covered for the country you’re driving in is just as important as getting the right currency.’

Driving on the right-hand side of the road is the most common fear for British drivers in Europe, as reported by 39 percent of respondents, while one in five, or 19 percent of UK drivers have driven on the wrong side of the road at least once when in a foreign country.