US Airways piloting bag-fee reports for corporate clients

US Airways is piloting a bag-fee report that is to be offered to corporate clients.

The airline is to offer client-specific data on bag fees. In its monthly reports, the airline will detail the number of bags checked by corporate travellers, the sum of fees paid as well as the number and value of fees that had been waived for frequent flyers. Travel buyers may use the information as key data to enhance business.

The airline is following similar initiatives launched last year by Delta Air Lines and United Airlines. A broad rollout of the programme is expected soon and will also include data for June.

The carrier said that the new set of data would be included in its ‘US Analyser’ monthly reports. The report already details metrics such as ticketed data, top markets, contract performance, the value of negotiated savings, opportunities for further savings and other client-specific performance details. US Airways said that the baggage fees would be the only ancillary expense that would be covered in the report, with a possibility that coach-class Choice Seats could be integrated into the reports later.

The company could provide a further breakdown of the data into specified time periods, on demand.