British Travellers Can Save Money by Switching Destinations

While British holidaymakers may book their holidays in Spain and Turkey, in the belief that those destinations offer the best value for money, a recent survey suggests that this might not be the case in reality, and that by comparison, vacations in Portugal and Bulgaria are likely to be less expensive.

A new Post Office Travel Money report suggests that couples can save up to £457 on a holiday, by simply changing their booking to a different country, as long as they do their homework properly.

Vacations are cheaper for a couple in Portugal, Bulgaria and Majorca, when including accommodation, daily eating out and drinks. The total estimated cost for this package in Portugal is £903.98, compared to that in the current hot favourite travel destination of Croatia, where the same package is estimated at £1,360.98.

Around two-thirds of holidaymakers have said that they would readily opt for a cheaper deal when deciding on a vacation, but while British tourists consider Spain and Turkey to be cheap destinations, when all of the associated costs are taken into account the best value for money can be somewhere else entirely.

Andrew Brown, the Post Office head of Travel Money, said, ‘We always advise people to take all holiday costs into account when choosing a destination and this research shows why that is so important. In tough times, it is hard to stay loyal when there are big savings to be made by swapping to a destination that is over a third cheaper.’

The survey also suggested that Bulgaria, one of the cheapest destinations in Europe, is perceived unfavourably by the tourists, compared to its more expensive neighbour, Croatia.