UK Government’s Sustainable Aviation Policy Runs into Controversy

The UK Government has recently released the First Draft of its Sustainable Framework for UK Aviation.

Commenting on the report, Darren Caplan, chief executive of the Airport Operators Association said, ‘We welcome the publication of the First Draft of the Sustainable Framework for UK Aviation, and look forward to all airports being allowed to grow sustainably, within a decent planning and regulatory framework, whilst delivering on cleaner, quieter, smarter aviation, to ensure the UK economy has the connectivity in needs in order to emerge from recession.’

London Gatwick Airport, has supported the UK Government’s decision to open discussions on how the aviation industry may grow without increasing its environmental impact.

Speaking on the Government’s decision to initiate a debate on the Sustainable Aviation Policy framework, Stewart Wingate, the chief executive officer of Gatwick Airport, said, ‘Aviation is a crucial part of the UK’s infrastructure and it should be allowed to grow and prosper but we share the Government’s commitment to balance sustainability considerations with the requirements to develop and sustain a competitive UK aviation sector.

Indeed, next week we will be publishing our master plan, which sets out our vision for achieving sustainable growth through to the mid-2020s. We recognise that noise for example is a major concern to those living near airports or under flight paths which is why our master plan will detail action plans for managing those, and other, impacts responsibly.’

However, in a recent development, the UK Government has also postponed a consultation on future UK airport capacity requirements, much to the annoyance of the industry.