Holidaymakers Insist On High Speed Internet Connectivity

Holidays are no longer just made up of sun, sea, and sights, now mobile computer coverage has joined the must have amenities for a good holiday, according to a recent survey.

Travellers are most impressed with the availability of Internet connectivity at their hotels, with 86 percent of the respondents to a survey stating a preference for hotels with wireless connectivity.

Brocade, a company involved in fabric networking, said that European holiday makers are increasingly influenced by the availability of Internet connectivity at their destinations, and they often use it to check mails, make internet calls, or simply browse the net.

Around 95 percent of respondents confessed to taking their mobile devices on vacation, and often using them for work as well as personal use.

John McHugh, the vice president and chief marketing officer at Brocade, said, ‘There is significant blurring between personal time and work time in modern society, with the consumerisation of IT and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) working policies leading many people to rely on smart phones and tablet devices around the clock, wherever they may be and whatever they may be doing.

Our research clearly illustrates that this is causing fundamental changes in working patterns and demands on networking architectures. It used to be that when people went on vacation, that’s what they did. Now it seems that we can never switch off from work, even when we’re at the beach. With this, the demand on service providers and mobile operators to provide ubiquitous, reliable coverage has never been higher.’