British Toddlers are Becoming Seasoned Travellers by Four Years of Age

The average number of countries visited by a globetrotting three-year-old child in the UK is 13, according to a survey carried out by UK-based flight search engine, Skyscanner.

The report reveals that the majority of toddlers in the UK have visited around double the number of overseas destinations that their parents had by the same age.

The survey of more than 1300 UK parents showed that the preference of many parents to take their vacations overseas has resulted in the average child traveller having visited more foreign destinations than destinations in the UK.

Mary Porter, the spokesperson for Skyscanner, said, ‘It appears that parents are increasingly educating their youngsters to become well-cultured jetsetters by initiating an appetite for travel during their earliest years.

The number of destinations that some young children have visited is mind-boggling – having said that my son took his first flight abroad at just 10 weeks old so it is easy to see how the number of trips can rise in a relatively short space of time.

Unlike many of us who saw air travel as a luxury when we were children, with today’s low cost airlines offering such a range of destinations and families dispersed around the globe, travel abroad has become the norm – even for the youngest of holidaymaker.’

The survey also reported that only around 12 percent of four year olds in the UK have not ventured outside the country. The results suggest that families are increasingly opting for vacations abroad, rather than holidaying at home in the UK.