Holidaymakers Searching for Holidays in UK

Despite many British travellers flocking to warmer climates to escape the UK’s prolonged run of bad weather, there has also been a reported increase in the number of searches being made for UK holiday cottages.

Independent Cottages, an online holiday cottage directory in theUK, has reported an 18 percent rise in online searches during June 2012, when compared to the same period in 2011.

Steve Jarvis, the managing director of Independent Cottages, said, ‘Given how awful the weather has been I would have expected traffic to drop not increase.’

Another survey by the same company also indicates a rise in the percentage of people holidaying inside the UK, mostly due to the affordability of the holidays on offer, with holiday cottages considered to be quality accommodation at reasonable prices.

However, holidaying in London during the 2012 Olympic Games may prove to be expensive, as suggested by a recent survey conducted by M&S Money. The study highlighted that a beach holiday abroad is more financially viable than staying in London during the first week of the 2012 Games, with a saving of around 25 percent.

Jane Lawson, the head of travel money at M&S Money, said, ‘Staycations are clearly popular this year, particularly as people look forward to celebrating the Jubilee and Olympics, in what will be a British summer to remember. However, with the cost of activities and eating out in theUKrelatively high, and favourable foreign exchange rates helping to make your money go further abroad, a holiday at home is not always the most affordable option.

To get the most from your holiday budget, no matter what the destination, it’s important to plan ahead. As well as looking for good deals on travel and accommodation, thinking about exchange rates, local costs and the kind of extras you will need to spend your money on will help to ensure you have the best possible holiday experience.’