First scheduled Boeing 777F cargo operation, London Stansted

London Stansted has become home to one of the world’s most modern cargo aircraft as FedEx Express unveiled its new B777F aircraft at its Stansted hub yesterday (28 February 2011).

The new jet, which will operate on the Stansted to Memphis route, brings significant environmental benefits including lower noise levels and reduced emissions compared to the three engine MD-11 it replaces, and is part of FedEx Express’s sustainability efforts to reduce its global footprint.

Speaking at a ceremony held by FedEx Express to celebrate the occasion, London Stansted Airport’s managaing director, Nick Barton said:

“At Stansted we’re committed to improving our environmental and operational performance so we welcome the arrival of FedEx’s new B777F, one of the world’s most modern air freight carriers. With lower noise and emission levels than the MD11 it replaces, this investment will also be welcome news to the communities around the airport.

“Having obtained Code F status for the next generation aircraft to operate on our runway, and as the only major London Airport with capacity for growth, we’re delighted FedEx Express selected its Stansted hub as a base for one of their new B777F aircraft.

“As well as the environmental benefits, the new aircraft boosts freight capacity, which is very exciting news for industry and business around the region who rely on FedEx operations here at Stansted.”

The arrival of the new freighter is part of an on-going upgrade of the FedEx fleet, strengthening the company’s commitment to the environment and efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

FedEx Express Senior Vice President Operations, David Binks commented:

“The launch of the new aircraft at London Stansted is an important step in our long-term commitment of being a responsible corporate citizen both in the UK and around the globe, including many ISO14001-certified FedEx facilities like London Stansted. We have applied our long-standing spirit of innovation to a decade-long effort to reduce energy and fuel usage, increase energy efficiency, and put to use technologies that will change the future of our industry.

“Global demand for air cargo and express services continues to grow rapidly and FedEx Express has made significant investments in our network to meet customers’ needs and fulfil our business objectives. The environmental efficiencies of this new aircraft, coupled with its attractive payload range and economics, makes the B777F the best choice for FedEx Express and its customers.”