British Airways Offers New Perfect Day App for Passengers

British Airways, the UK based airline company, has launched a new app for the iPhone, called Perfect Day, so that its passengers can capture and share their happy memories with others.

The App, which was initially launched as a Facebook App, will allow the airline’s customers to share their perfect holiday memories with their families and friends. The App is an expansion of the company’s earlier versions, and offers features including reviews or ‘travel snippets’, made from uploaded pictures and descriptions, which may be tagged at the locations on Google maps. The itineraries may be saved, edited and then shared with friends as a Perfect Day.

Richard Bowden, the airline digital marketing innovation manager, said, ‘We have taken the Perfect Days social media service a step further by providing an intuitive smartphone app enabling customers to instantly view, capture and share their insider knowledge and travel trips about their favourite places, while they’re in-destination.

Creating an iPhone app that’s integrated with Facebook, ensures creating a Perfect Day is easy and irresistible to share with friends and inspire fellow travellers.’

The app may be downloaded for free, and can only be geologically tagged currently in Berlin, San Francisco, New York, Rome, Florida, UK cities and the Caribbean.

British Airways has been researching and making innovations to its electronic products, as part of its modernisation. The app has been developed in collaboration with students from Ravensbourne, London. The company plans to invest around £5bn in new aircraft, technology and services in future.